I have painted on and off my whole life and my intention has always to bring my inner vision to the canvas. No art teachers can teach a student inspiration.  

What makes a true artist is the individual, authentic interpretation of any subject matter, be it abstract or realism. I have had the good fortune to study under two very fine artists that have helped me hone my art skills. They have both taught me different aspects of the layering technique I use today.

My art is Abstract Realism; it connects the outer part of life to the inner, usually unseen aspects of life. My intention with all my art is to impact the viewer in some way. By seeing and taking in my creations I hope to open your heart, and connect you to something deeper and more Divine in life.

I take aspects of developing my paintings from the great artist Maxfield Parrish, who developed a layering technique of transparent oil colors, layered over each other to create a clearer more translucent color. As with Parrish, my paintings have many layers of pure color. The paint is first thinly applied then more is added for dramatic touches.

I also use color to create contrast and increase the dramatic intensity. I use very little white, as I want the pure nature of color to come through my art. Currently, I only paint in oil and all my paintings were created because they moved me. Hopefully one or two will move you as well!

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